How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 [Without PC]

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Title : How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 [Without PC]
link : How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 [Without PC]

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How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 [Without PC]

This is guide how to root Lenovo Vibe C2 without PC easy step, do not need special skills, because is very easy, you can do it with just one click and your phone will be do it automatically.  In this article I will provide instructions or tutorial using several tool like KingRoot.apk, FramaRoot.Apk, TowelRoot.Apk, KingoRoot.Apk. This application is very good and reliable, many mobile phone models that successfully root with this application.
How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 [Without PC]
Lenovo Vibe C2
But before I explain it is better to explain what is root, and what advantages and disadvantages for your Lenovo Vibe C2 mobile phone. Root android phone is a system account that has the absolute power to access and execute all files, command, system. In essence, this root has unlimited access that can change, delete, add, even destroy all that is in our phone system. Root smartphone means changing the phone system so that we have access to the root account, so it is we who have the power.

What are the uses and advantages of root Lenovo Vibe C2
  • Unlimited access to the Android system
  • Installing applications on the memory card and install applications that need root certainly
  • Un-install applications built using vendor
  • Backup App + System
  • Installing a custom ROM
  • Access to files in full Android system
  • Overclocked processor improved overall performance (but make so much wasteful battery consumption).
  • And many more advantages for your Lenovo Vibe C2 
Disadvantages root Lenovo Vibe C2 we'll get some pretty extreme impact for our android :
  • When you are root Lenovo Vibe C2, the warranty will be lost, If you want to Root your Android, then you have to be brave letting your android warranty will be lost, Because all vendor mobile saying that android who has been rooted then be lost-time repairs or warranty, so if we change the android file system and experience damage so we will not be granted guarantees, because vendors do not want to be responsible if we have the android or mobile phone already rooted.
  • Very easy to esophageal attacking by virus and malware: If you root Lenovo Vibe C2 that was already in the given protection or safeguards against virus it is possible that your phone will be attacking by virus, but just calm because we the open source so all the files to the detected virus, we can delete it without using anti virus, because our operating system is still based Open Source.
  • Your Lenovo will get Bootloop when failed root ,if you want you should also dare to fail functions or responsibilities due bootloop, your device can fail to function if the system was replaced or edited, if we have a data error will occur bootloop android we can not Accessing the system to normal.
As I said before I will explain how to root Lenovo Vibe C2 with KingRoot.apk FramaRoot.Apk TowelRoot.Apk KingoRoot.Apk  and here are the ways and methods of root your device with this application.

But before you doing this guide make sure your Lenovo Vibe C2 is connected to the Internet. and charge your battery at least 60% or above, and make sure Enable Unknown Sources, Settings> Security> Unknown Source or Settings> Security> Device Administration> Unknown Source (swipe or check for enabled).

Method 1 : How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 using kingroot.apk

    1Download and install kingroot.apk to your Lenovo Vibe C2.
    2.  When already installed then click the icon or open KingRoot application.
    3.  Click or touch START ROOT button to begin rooting proccess.

How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 without PC  How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 without PC

    4.  Just wait and see the procces of root is running,
    5.  If rooting proccess succesfully you will see the Green check mark.
    6.  Done, now your phone has been rooted.

Method 2 : Rooting Lenovo Vibe C2 with FramaRoot.apk :

   1.  Download and install FramaRoot.apk to your Lenovo Vibe C2.
   2.  Look at the framaroot screen app and then select Install Superuser and then press aragom.

How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 without PC
How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 without PC

   3.  Then just wait the rooting process until you get notification Success.. Superuser and Su binary installed.

   4.  Reboot your device.
   5.  Congrat. your Lenovo Vibe C2 has been rooted.

Method 3 : Root Lenovo Vibe C2 using TowelRoot.Apk :

   1.  Download and install TowelRoot.Apk to your Lenovo Vibe C2.
   2.  Open the TowelRoot application.
   3.  When the app sceen opened then tap on make it ra1n.
How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 without PC
   4.  Wait for a while the rooting process will take some time until finished. 
   5.  Reboot your device
   6.  Congratulation your Device already rooted

Method 4 : How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 with Kingoroot.apk :

   1.  Download and install Kingoroot.apk to your Lenovo Vibe C2
   2.  Open the Kingoroot app.
   3.  When the app opened you will see a blue padlock image with the caption No ROOT, that mean that your device is not ROOTED.

How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 without PC
     4.  If you want to root your device just tab on One Click Root.
     5.  As usual you need time until the root process is completed.
How to root Lenovo Vibe C2 without PC
    6.  Done, your mobile phone rooted 

Note: If you find your device reboots itself, do not panic because it was part of the root. some tools usually reboot the device to continue the process of root.
Congratulations your device Lenovo Vibe C2 already have root access, restart your mobile phone after that you wil find the Kinguser applications on the application menu. And then verify your device to make sure your device has been successfully rooted or not with "Root Checker" app, just download it in Google play store.

Finally this is all method about how to root Lenovo Vibe C2 without PC easiliy if you have any question or you found broken link. just leave a comment in comments box bellow. don't forget to share this guide or tutorial.Thanks and happy rooting.

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